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Setting up your first E-Commerce Store

Mayank Chauhan
Author: Mayank Chauhan

Not to be missed tips before you plan your E-Commerce store

Growing an e-commerce store can be super complicated because of so many different things that you need to do. While it may get overwhelming, the fact is that it is as much of an art as it is science. I am going to share some digital marketing tips and tricks for your marketing strategy - in this article to help you start the journey from zero to success. Tip 1: Your e-commerce engine It is very important what platform you choose to build and...

How can Digital Marketing help Small businesses?

Vinita Kumawat
Author: Vinita Kumawat

Does digital marketing work for all businesses ? How can digital marketing help small businesses?

When smaller businesses start their endeavor, there’s an equal amount of effort that goes into kick-starting it, as much as it did to construct it in the first place. Having to try every medium of marketing - be it handing out leaflets, relying on word-of-mouth publicity, print ads, etc. Even then getting enough customers to sustain the business and pay off any loans taken seems like an unlikely scenario, let alone getting oodles of profit....

Does Instagram Business promotion work?

Abhishek Dorik
Author: Abhishek Dorik

Does instagram business promotion work and why should you have instagram business account?

In the world of social media marketing, Instagram has taken the social media by a storm, with its ever-increasing functionality of its UI to it's oh so easy to use features and the charm of it all. If you’re Instagram, you would have come across various profiles, that are just… different?! They seem more professional and the aesthetic appeal of such profiles often gather great engagement. Now, that is the whole new business platform of...

Improve Conversion rate Optimization

Pratik Jain
Author: Pratik Jain

How to improve conversion rate optimization and why is CRO important?

Conversion rate optimization is undoubtedly the most important factor of the world of commerce online. It is simply the conversion of leads to sales or something that you wish the traffic that flocks to your website to do. Essentially, it is the maximum amount of visitors that convert into consumers of some sort according to the desired action you wish it to be. CRO isn’t a feature or a technology, it is a measure of the efficiency of all the...

Growth Hacking v/s Digital Marketing

Pratik Jain
Author: Pratik Jain

Growth Hacking v/s Digital Marketing

I know lot of people get confused on the difference between growth hacking and digital marketing.But do both these terms - growth hacking and digital marketing -refer to the same thing?I mean same wine in two different bottles?The answer is No.The main focus of Digital Marketing is as below.customer acquisitionretention branding using digital technology.Digital Marketing is applied to all types of businesses including matured ones, for continuous...

Digital Marketing really work?

Abbas Kapasi
Author: Abbas Kapasi

How can digital marketing help your business and does it really work ?

Growth and success are what business of any scale or virtue seeks, with the advent of the brilliant modern technologies the conventional jargon of marketing has simply fallen short in comparison. Digital marketing has really changed the way the marketing operates and flourishes, with its myriad of avenues that have made marketing of any sort more specialized, targeted and efficient; it has created its appeal worldwide.Online marketing in india...