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Ajay Dalal
Author: Ajay Dalal

Website and Online Presence - Why Is It Important to Have One?

With more than 3 billion active Internet users, today, the web is the largest market in the world. Being present on the internet is now the essential means of communication for all companies looking for better visibility. The creation of a website allows your company to expand its field of action, improve its reputation and increase its turnover. The benefits of a well- crafted website make it the best investment for your business.

You get GLOBAL

One of the main advantages of a website is to gain visibility. Your website helps you showcase your products and services to the world; it allows you to extend your visibility nationally and internationally. The web is a market that knows no boundaries.

Once your website is live, it is available to your potential customers anytime and anywhere, even if they search you on Google. The help of an SEO Services Company to promote your website and increase the sale and revenue could be crucial. Thus, your business becomes even more accessible and attracts a more diverse clientele. Moreover, on the web, it is your prospective customers or clients who are looking for you, and not the other way around, which allows you to significantly increase your customer base.

First contact with the client

When your customers are looking for you on the web, your website represents the first impression they make of your business. For this reason, your site must first and foremost know how to best represent the values and characteristics of your company. It is therefore wise to use web and seo services, which will carry out your project website’s creation and advise you on your marketing strategy

Your website also contains important and useful information for your visitors. Your visitors will be able to find out about your services, the rates or make quotes online and thus better visualize their projects with you. This is a real time saver for both you and the prospect, who can then contact you quickly and easily through your website to connect with you.

Return on investment

Creating a relevant and thoughtful website is the best investment for your company or business. It allows you to get closer to your customers, by building loyalty. Share newsletters for continued information about happenings within the organisation and online promotional offers and study the response with the help tools. Knowing your customer base increases your impact on the market. Analyzing visitors to your site allows you to perform better market research and improve your digital strategy.

You can use multiple free tools to conduct the visitors analysis, Tools are Google analytics and Google webmaster. These tools help in research of where the visitors come to your website from and what call to action he/she takes.

Improve brand impact

In addition, having your own website gives you the advantage of having your branded email address too. This adds more value to your brand name and builds trust in the eyes of your clients.

A website is the perfect place to showcase your company certifications and awards. A visitor spending time on your website clearly means that he/she is interested in your work so showing any achievements adds credibility. This also includes testimonials and reviews. They add to your impression.

Helps people find you easily

Connecting your address and contact page with Google Maps is a common thing to do. People can easily find you through this. It is really crucial for small local businesses.

A good and interactive contact form on your website will attract lots of inquiries, so pay extra attention to it. Make sure it is connected with the right email address within your company so that you don’t miss out on any important inquiries or queries by your potential customers.

Shows your USPs

A website can help you stand out when it comes to competition within the industry. A customer these days looks for more and more information before giving business to any brand. The kind of information you provide in your website can make or break your business. Be very careful and go ahead with great quality work and do not hesitate to add all credible information that can make you stand out in comparison to other players of your industry.

Other social apps can be connected

Your website can be linked to your social pages and people can follow them too. These days, people also connect their whatsapp directly with the website so that communication becomes easier for the visitor.

Make sure your website is always updated with latest pictures, downloadable information, services or products newly launched and any industry specific news. These build trust and Google gives it more weightage.

So stop thinking and start the action. In today’s world your business might just be non existent if you don't have a website. Increase your level of professionalism and move on with SEO practices to rank it on the first page of Google.

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Author Bio:

Ajay Dalal is the CEO and founder of Dricki. Also working as a Freelancer on Upwork, he helps business owners to grow their business and increase ROI. Working in this field from the Last 7 years he has served hundreds of clients. Ajay is very passionate about the digital world and his work towards this industry is noteworthy.

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