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Why hire a branding agency

Shweta Jain
Author: Shweta Jain

13 Reasons Why Hiring a Branding Agency is the Best Decision for your Brand

According to Forbes, 38% of the users will stop reacting if your website layout is unattractive whereas there will be an improvement of up to 80% in your brand recognition by just changing the colour palette of your marketing materials. In this digital era, business growth strategies are continuously evolving. Do you think your internal marketing will be able to manage certain branding strategies and is up-to-date with the ongoing trends? Why...

7 Principles of Design to Increase Engagement and Boost Social Media Posts

7 Principles of Design to Increase Engagement and Boost Social Media Posts     In the traditional way of advertising, making a good design is usually intended to enhance a product and is done at the last days before the launch. This is very different from the current trends in modern advertising. The contemporary marketers put together and incorporate a good design into a social media marketing campaign early on the marketing...

The Difference Between Logo Design and Branding

Tabish Khalid
Author: Tabish Khalid

The Difference Between Logo Design and Branding

The Difference Between Logo Design and Branding     People generally use the terms "logo" and "branding" interchangeably. They believe the two to be the same. Although they are closely connected and relatable, their modus operandi is very different. To understand what separates a logo from branding, we will discuss their basics in the following. Concepts of Logo and Brands     Branding is the...

Five times you really should bid on your brand

Five times you really should bid on your brand     A question that often raises debate in a digital marketing team is whether they should bid on their brand terms. PPC marketers often want to bid on their brand terms because this traffic performs so well. It therefore makes their performance reports look nice. While other marketing members may argue that a sale from a brand search would have happened anyway regardless of...

10 Effective Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

How many times have you heard - “Content is King”. I am sure we often hear this in the field of marketing.Do you wonder, Is content really the king? Or, What makes content the king?Indeed, Content is the king for a reason.Content is basically a magnet, which helps you attract an audience.Content helps you connect with your audience, it helps you build a brand, it helps you to educate your potential audience about your brand or services you...

Increasing Traffic and Brand Awareness: A Startup's Guide to Better SEO

Startups often have a lot of things on their plate. They are working hard to create a product or service people want while trying to get the word out there and build a customer base.A significant hurdle that every startup has is being able to balance these two areas properly. If they spend too much time on product development, they may not have enough people using their product. But if they spend all their time marketing and trying to get people...


Shweta Jain
Author: Shweta Jain

What Makes a Brand!

People often use the terms Logo and Brand interchangeably. Although the logo is a symbol of a business it isn’t entirely a brand. However, the log is something that creates the impression or what we call as brand recall. For example, looking at the big yellow M on a red background instantly reminds us that it’s McDonald's, same goes for the clown. So branding a business involves giving it such visual recalls that trigger the memory of...

How Influencer Marketing can Supercharge your SEO

Shweta Jain
Author: Shweta Jain

Here’s how Influencer Marketing can Supercharge your SEO

Influencers have arrived on the Marketing battlefield, and how!In a sea of brands constantly overloading viewers with waves of advertisements and sponsored content, it’s no longer a piece of cake to make yourself noticed by your target audience. Moreover, today’s digital users have wizened up and turn their noses up at any attempt made by companies to ‘sell’ them something.Brand names are longer a guarantee of a quality or effective...