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Shweta Jain
Author: Shweta Jain

13 Reasons Why Hiring a Branding Agency is the Best Decision for your Brand

According to Forbes, 38% of the users will stop reacting if your website layout is unattractive whereas there will be an improvement of up to 80% in your brand recognition by just changing the colour palette of your marketing materials.

In this digital era, business growth strategies are continuously evolving.

Do you think your internal marketing will be able to manage certain branding strategies and is up-to-date with the ongoing trends?

Why should you hire a branding agency?

The answer to this is to start understanding what branding is.

What is branding?

It is rightly stated by Business Directory, the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind mainly through advertising campaigns with the consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Why is branding important?

Branding activities are absolutely vital for your business because people will view your business how you portray it. With proper branding, your business can drive new businesses and increase brand awareness to a great extent.

Certain factors should be taken into consideration which will prove you that branding is important:

  • Building Business Recognition
  • Increase in Business Value
  • Generating New Customers
  • Increase in Goodwill and Trust

Need to hire a branding agency for building a brand?

It is difficult to showcase how your company has grown or begun when your brand doesn’t reflect it. While it is important to stick to the products and services, updating the way you promote them can help you grow your business. Get a glimpse of why you should hire brand agencies for your product or service to make your company more profitable.

1. Objective and Fresh Outlook

Whether you have an internal marketing team or creative team, hiring a branding agency will offer a fresh pair of eyes to your brand. It is always hard for the company’s internal team to be objective as they are exposed to the company’s branding every day.

2. Opportunity for Innovation

Hiring a branding agency or a third party consultant, they bring in a stance of innovation that the internal creative may disregard. A completely unbiased opinion is agreed upon which creates a room for strategic opportunities.

3. Better Access to the Knowledge

Branding or rebranding is an everyday task at a branding agency. While working with a branding agency, you can be confident that their knowledge is up-to-date as there are multiple brains working simultaneously to achieve the best results.

4. Access to the Best In class Tools

A branding agency is aware of ways to create a brand that expresses the company’s vision, culture and objectives. To individualize the brand, digital branding agencies have their own marketing tools, software and licenses that wouldn’t be available with the in-house creative team.

5. Effective Return on Investment

Any company has to invest sufficient time and money for branding their product or service. If you hire a branding agency, it will go beyond the employees’ skill set and will generate new opportunities which in turn will grow the business bringing in more revenue.

6. Alleviate the Training Cost

Asking your existing employees to go beyond their skill set, it will require extra training for which you will have to hire an extra employee to train them. Think of the cost of training, paid time off and additional benefits, the new hire will cost you more than a good branding agency.

7. Advantage of Cross-Industry Experience

Branding agencies bring with them the experience of having worked with a cross-section of industries. They come with a portfolio which gives the business a completely fresh perspective because your brand isn’t confined to the industry in which it operates.

8. Comes with a Proven Expertise

Branding agencies provides best-in-class research, identity services and strategies which the digital marketing firm or the in-house marketing team won’t be able to provide. Branding agencies offer unique and proven areas of expertise distinct from marketing.

9. Unbiased and Strategic Perspective

A brand requires a strategic approach, a bigger picture and an outside perspective. The hired branding agency will survey and analyse the competitive landscape from an unbiased standpoint. This will bring your brand to life in a dynamic fashion.

10. Branding is not Marketing and Vice Versa

Marketing and Branding are two distinct yet independent areas of expertise. Branding can be stated as the most fundamental level for defining your product or service whereas marketing gives you the answers to communicate to your audience. We can say that branding develops the value that marketing is designed to extract.

11. Helps you Connect with New Audience

Hiring an agency with expertise in branding can help you reach potential new customers. This happens only when your business is promoted correctly and reaches the right set of people in an ever-evolving market.

12. Facilitates you by Staying Current

The main aim of the branding agency is “Keeping your Brand, Current.” They ensure that the brand logo and design are always ahead of the curve which will divert the customers focus towards your brand. They aim to prove that you are well-versed about the trends within your industry.

13. Stand Apart from your Competitors

With the help of the branding agency, you can be differentiated from the industry competitors by differentiating your brand. Through this, the potential clients will be made aware of the unique services that you are expert at. Branding with the agency will give you a new voice, look and feel.

It is rightly said by Kate Kaplan that "Brand is the holistic sum of customers experiences, composed of visual, tonal and behavioural brand components, many of which are shaped by interaction design."

If you are looking to build a brand out of your business, BitWise Venture is the way to go. With diverse set of market experience and elite marketers on the team your decision to hire a branding agency comes to an end.

For any business query, feel free to send us an email at shwetaj@bitwiseonline.com or call on +91 9879528311 , we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Well said! Hiring a dedicated branding agency comes with great advantages. As you've mentioned, their knowledge is up-to-date and also gives spaces for innovations. Nice write up on branding!

Well said! Hiring a dedicated branding agency comes with great advantages. As you've mentioned, their knowledge is up-to-date and also gives spaces for innovations. Nice write up on branding!

I like the way you have explained that, why one should hire a branding agency. According to me if one wants to grow their company or business or want to increase their sales then he/she needs to hire the professional branding agency.

What touching a phrase :)

Bravo, this excellent phrase is necessary just by the way

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