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Mayank Chauhan
Author: Mayank Chauhan

Not to be missed tips before you plan your E-Commerce store

Growing an e-commerce store can be super complicated because of so many different things that you need to do. While it may get overwhelming, the fact is that it is as much of an art as it is science.

I am going to share some digital marketing tips and tricks for your marketing strategy - in this article to help you start the journey from zero to success.

Tip 1: Your e-commerce engine

It is very important what platform you choose to build and run your e-commerce store.

We have good experience with lots of them and can recommend the following :

  • Magento (free - community edition available - good for most e-commerce stores)
  • Shopify (self hosted with monthly subscription)
  • Woocommerce (free)
  • Bigcommerce (not free)

All these carts are good from SEO, design and confiburality point of view.

Tip 2: On-Page SEO

Optimize your product pages with regards to SEO and design. Your product titles should be based on what people are searching for online. So do keywork research on titles. Include your product titles in product description as well.

Tip 3: The photos

Product photos should be sharp, clear and professional. If possible create product videos. They definitely make a lot of impact.

Tip 4: Build Trust

Put trust badges on your website - like "Fast shipping", "Free shipping", "30-day no questions return" etc. depending on your product and business plan.

Tip 5: Reviews

Get product reviews per product on the product page.

Try to get as many reviews as possible.

Tip 6: Schema and rich cards

Schema markup on your product pages is must. Build Google rich cards which will show your products image and some information right in google search even before customers visit your site. This will be a huge advantage over competition.

Tip 7: Google Shopping Ads

Run Google Shopping ads. Optimize your product feed via Google Merchant Center which you use to run Google Shopping ads.

Tip 8: Re-Marketing

Do dynamic re-marketing. When people are off your website, with retargeting

Tip 9: FB and Instagram Ads

Run Facebook and Instagram ads. These are huge channels to market to target audience. With these channels it is easy to pin-point and target your products to the right audience. Imagine sending your ads to only females, in LA, making more than 50 grands a year, having a child and in the age group 35-45.

Tip 10: Organic social media

Go organic social media marketing like posts on facebook, instagram, blogging, PR activities, Guest blogs etc.

Tip 11: Email Marketing

Email marketing to your existing customers. It makes lot of sense to resell to your existing customers. Getting new customers is always expensive and hard. Get back to your existing customers and figure out strategies to make them one more purchase. Also most of the email marketing can be automated.

Tip 12: SMS/Whatsapp Marketing

Sms Or whatsapp marketing - because it is instant ascompared to emails. Email opening rate is close to 20% while that of whatsapp or sms is upwards of 90% - and that too within 5 minutes of delivery.
For eg: Send a message that since they bought, they get a VIP deal of 20% off coupon on next purchase valid only for next 90 days.
In whatsapp you can create groups and reach out to your customers in real time.

Tip 13: Personal Touch

Create a personal touch with your customer. When you ship your product to them, send a handwritten note of thank you and maybe a coupon for future purchase. Or even a referral card can be added. This will give your customer a good feeling towards your brand and will push them to spread the word about your brand.

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