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Shweta Jain
Author: Shweta Jain

Why Online Over Offline Marketing?

Marketing is an aspect that no business can afford to forgo. A leading business will always set aside a separate budget for marketing alone. On the other hand, it is also important to spend the budget on the right marketing activities that work for you to make the most of it.

Every product or service is consumed differently by the consumers and hence the ways of delivering them to the consumers are different as well. Some products are marketed with offline marketing activities better, but in today’s era, no business can thrive without getting online. 

This scenario of marketing has pushed the businesses to work out a parallel offline and online marketing strategy or completely shift to Online marketing where they drive better ROIs. 

So how do you strategize on spending the marketing budget?
Will you spend on traditional marketing or digital marketing?

For many businesses, it is difficult to reach the right marketing decision, so gaining clarity on offline and online marketing becomes vital. 

According to The Economic Times [1], India had registered over 18% of the World Internet Users which brings India’s Internet Penetration to 40%. With each passing day, internet users are increasing many folds and if you indulge in digital marketing your scope of business is at a global level. 

Let’s understand what offline marketing and online marketing can bring to the table. But before that let’s understand what exactly these terms are. 

Offline Marketing (Traditional Marketing)

Any marketing strategy that is outside of the internet whether it is published or released for promotional purposes can be stated as offline marketing. Mediums like television, radio, banners, newspaper, magazine or any form of print media can be used for offline marketing strategies. 

Online Marketing (Digital Marketing)

Any marketing strategy that uses the internet for promotions can be stated as online marketing. E-mail marketing, pay per click advertisement (PPC), social media advertisement marketing, blogging, video advertising to generate more leads or drive up social media presence can be included in online marketing.

Online Marketing most certainly proves to be more beneficial, widespread and advantageous as compared to offline marketing. With an adequate amount of time invested in digital marketing tactics, you can expect a huge number of hits on your website with secure viewers giving you a large amount of business. 

Though the traditional form of marketing shouldn’t be undermined for its benefits, let’s understand the importance of digital marketing and how it overweighs offline marketing.

Global Business Presence

Branding that took months, years and decades can be now done in days, hours and minutes through the internet and that too globally. The most effective way to strengthen your brand is through content. You can cross boundaries by just making people understand what you do, why you do and how you do. Content reaches hundreds and thousands of people daily which will increase your presence and reach.

One of the best examples of managing a global marketing presence online is Google itself. How it serves results based on the location of the user searching a query is a fascinating use of personalizing solutions for a global audience. 

Quantifiable Results

We can easily measure the visibility, conversion rate and overall effectiveness of an advertisement through online marketing. But it is impossible to measure these aspects through print media, radio and TV ads as we may not know whether the audience is persuaded to make the purchase or not.

With the help of numerous tools like google webmaster tools, AdWords dashboard, AHREFs, Moz SEO tools and many more we can determine exactly how effective the organic and paid activities have been performing. Right from determining how many people it reached to how many got converted as customers. 

Reaching the Right Audience

You can reach a specific set of audience through digital marketing. Browsers like Google, Bing, etc. and social media platforms like Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora can directly display your ads to the targeted audience and help you reach as many people you wish.

While doing a lead generation ad for one of our clients wanted to specifically target 5km radius from a certain point in Ahmedabad. Also, we further narrowed down the target audience to be avg. salaried, married individuals who have kids age 6-18. We were able to target the exact consumers that use their product and hence make sure that maximum leads are generated from the campaign. 

Set your Business Boundaries

Demographical targeting plays a very vital role in the success of any business. Through this, you will be able to target your endeavors on the audience you wish to offer your services and products to. In other words, you will decide the audience based on the demography. Ads can also be set to run in a specific geographical region during a certain period of time. Traditional marketing has limited ability to reach a specific target audience.

Low Cost

Keeping the current prominence and growth of digital marketing in mind, 60% of the marketers across various sectors have already shifted their budget and efforts towards digital marketing. Digital marketing fetches you a better Return on Investment (ROI) though you tend to spend less on it. So you can say, online marketing allows you to spend less while gaining more in return.

Easy to Track Real-time Responses

If you wish to measure specific goals to be achieved, review your SEO performance or how well the users are interacting with your blog or website, analyze your website traffic, Google Analytics is a very effective tool to find the most important metrics. Google AdWords is also a marketing tool that has been developed to assist online marketers in displaying ads to promote their services or products online. The success of a digital marketing campaign can easily be determined through these tools.

If you wish to spread your horizons across the globe then online marketing is a no brainer as it has a very little risk with great rewards. Digital marketing is a way to a brighter future.

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