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Shweta Jain
Author: Shweta Jain

Are limited funds your obstacle for online selling?

Managing an online firm provides a different experience as compared to directing a physical shop. The challenges, obstacles, budget, trends and techniques everything varies. So, you cannot expect a single method to work in all conditions.

However, the most common challenge that business owners face is “LIMITED BUDGET”. Limited budget does not allow spending freely on everything that comes your way. Wise decisions have to be made and competitions have to be analysed for building the right strategy. If you are facing similar conditions, then we have some best solutions for you.

Discussed below are those methods that can aid you to endorse the products with a limited budget. Nevertheless, you may have to use some additional money to make the process successful.

Let’s get started.

Tips To Grow an Online Business with Limited Money

The methods that are mentioned below only work for online firms.

Claim Your Business

It is the most vital part of the online business. Many people fail to understand the importance of it. Putting the brand name on the business listing page is crucial, and it has numerous benefits, like:

1. It brings potential buyers
2. Helps local visits
3. Verifies the identity that strengthens the presence
Now, you can visit many free online services that help you claim your business. This small thing will aid you to gain copyright; in this, no one will ever try to steal your name. So, with this, you can provide security to your firm, and that helps you to grow further.

The best part of it is that it is absolutely free of cost and will not take time to get approval. And, you can approach Google who provides Google My Business to list the name. There are many others, like YP.com where you can register your firm. So, do not delay.

Make Sure Every Business Page Is Correctly Optimised

Optimization is the major thing that leads the online business to strengthen the presence and gain the potential customer. Here, the optimization means to correct keywords, and this considers both on-page SEO optimisation and off-page SEO optimization.

Though, gaining rank will take time because getting results as per expectation is not easy. Many firms use the paid methods, but getting traffic with organic has greater vitality. But, your content should be user friendly and have user problem-solving ability.

You can understand the traffic with the help of Google analytics. With this, you can see where, and what type of people are approaching your site. From demographic to gender, everything. According to this, you can alter the strategy and optimize the page.

For example,

Suppose you run an online agency that offers loan. Now, people are searching for funding with payday loans for unemployed from direct lenders. You can use this as your main keyword and help people with all possible queries around this on your website. More and more users will get attracted to click your webpage from google results if your page and website solves their problems and helps them genuinely. Optimise your meta description and title etc also wisely. Take help of the best SEO Agencies in Ahmedabad, if you cannot do this yourself. Make sure Your Search engine optimisation is perfect in every way. Spend some money here because this is a crucial step.

Strong Online Presence with great content

Most of the companies do this by providing content all across various platforms, related to the relevant topics in and around their industry or organisation. But, if you do this too often or build spammy content, then your website may be penalised. Create plans and provide helpful and relevant content across various platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin and Reddit.

If you can do so your activities will pull in traffic to your website and help increase the rank. It will show that for you customer service is the priority and you are always found and available easily. Once you attain a high position on Google, then traffic will increase which will enhance the growth and revenue.

Here, you have to take care of one thing that gaining a rank at once is not sufficient. Every now and then algorithms change, so for consistency , you have to work on it continuously.

Choose Email Marketing For Less Expense

For marketing, you need a platform to promote a product. As we have mentioned, you have a limited budget, so for this, email marketing could be the right selection. In this, you do not have to put extra money. You have gathered all the email ids of the potential and existing customers and have some informative and creative content ready that will either help them or inform them about your latest product, design improvements, discounts or company news. Remember to buy a Mailchimp account and set it up to shoot bulk emails.

In a simple way you can sell the product or let the people know about it without worrying about the rigid budget.

Use Social Media

1. Instagram
2. Facebook
3. Quora

These sites have a large number of users that can give you a chance to convert them into potential customers. You can create an account, and try to increase the subscription and followers. The more followers means, you have a strong presence that will facilitate the customer to understand your firm.

However, gaining presence needs time, but if you want to boost promptly, then there are other methods too. You can consider this the catalyst way. In this you have to approach online influencers who have a strong fan base, and you can pay them a fixed amount to endorse your product. Make sure the influencer influences people or buyers related to your industry and has a relevant fan base. For example - to endorse a NIKE shoe, the best influencers are sportsmen. Influencers with a very big audience might be expensive, so search for some local influencers or the ones with a reasonably good amount of followers and that solves the whole purpose.

The right social media marketing strategy is much needed for any online business to create a positive brand awareness in the market.

The challenge for the content creators is that they cannot sell the product directly to the customer. Practicing such activities may bother the customer or viewers. They might just unfollow if your content is purely selling a product all the time. That leads to no results, and if it does not provide any outcome, then using social sites have no importance.

This problem is solved by the experts that create content; they frame the whole video in such a way that fulfills the customer's needs and promotes the product. They can provide the link from which the interested buyer will purchase the product and increase the sales. Isn’t it amazing? Conversely, you have spent a few bucks only.

Stick To The Data

Whatever data you receive from the analytics are true, and you should not ignore them. In this, you have to check every aspect from a demographic region to the sales chain. Many online businesses fail to understand the reasons behind the increased bounce rate.

It is a rate that shows why the customer who is visiting the page is not spending time on it. The reasons could be different, and you can note them with the help of analytics. The data shown clearly provides the reasons for slow loading pages, not effective content, or not targeting the exact customers.

So, whenever you face the downfall, then go through the information. But, it needs experts of online marketing services who can understand the statistics in a much accurate manner.

If you do not want to disturb the budget, then approach financial firms who offer small loans, WITH which you can manage the cost of hiring.

Use PR Agency

Having a strong online presence is good, but developing a bond with local media will add beauty to it. You can rely on the online method, but some traditional techniques, like PR, Offline ads may surprise you. This will change the business structure and will reflect that you are quite active online as well as offline.

The best part is that these days, many people still use the newspaper, and watch television. Create informative or attractive stories that can develop a curiosity in them to know more about the products. There is one negative side that you may face, that is a high cost.

No one can deny that online ads are much more cost-effective as compared to offline. Approach online public relations firms and magazines for they are cheaper comparatively and have huge followers. Nevertheless, you can take aid from them when you develop a robust online presence. For a lot of them check your existing online PR and offer you services at a lesser cost.

These tips are sufficient to build a strong online business in a restrictive budget. You can witness that these may ask you for some time but can offer you long term stability that is a vital part of the business. So, you don’t worry about the money, put sufficient efforts to market the products.

For any business query, feel free to send us an email at shwetaj@bitwiseonline.com or call on +91 9879528311, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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