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Shweta Jain
Author: Shweta Jain

Ways to Improve Local Search Visibility of your Business

With more businesses coming online and booming online marketing, potential customers have started using web browsers to search for their desirable products and services. The data from Internet Live Stats states that there are around 3.5 billion searches on Google daily which equates to around 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Your potential customers are searching for your business on one of the search engines. 

But, are you visible to the search engines? 

Does your business appear for the right search items?

If not, you are forgiving a lot of potential clients and revenue your business can easily generate. So, what are you supposed to do?

The answer to this is Local Search Marketing because plenty of research data will lead you to a local store visit. Let’s say 50% of search results on Google with local intent lead to a local business store in the same way 80% local searches made on the smartphones lead to a local sale according to Bonboz

So, your next question would be: What are some nifty ways to improve local search visibility? 

1.      Make a Responsive Website

The first step for effective local search visibility is to create a responsive website. Responsive websites are the websites that resizes itself depending on the type of device it is viewed from. The responsive designs are vital for success in search engine rankings. According to a report from Hitwise, more than 60 percent of all Google searches are done through mobile phones and by 2020, 45 percent of e-commerce sales will be done through mobile phones in the US. If you don’t have a responsive website there is a likelihood for your site to get penalized. A mobile-friendly website is important and you must have one if you wish to perform well in Google and other search engines as responsive websites are no longer a luxury but a necessity. 

2.      Work on Keyword Research

The search engine traffic will be pretty useless for you if you are ranking for the terms your potential customers aren’t searching for. Use keywords on your website that your potential customers are using and improve your visibility on the search engines by using the right set of keywords. The ideal keywords that need to be involved in your website are the ones with high search volumes with very low competition. 

3.      Use Targeted Keyword in your URL

Google or any other search engine firstly crawls through your URL when evaluating your content. If the URL itself has the keyword, it is likely that your site’s search visibility can improve or can even rank on the first page of the web browser. Keyword use in a URL can leave a fruitful impact on the ranking of a webpage. 

4.      Gain Business Reviews

It is a good idea to request a review from your customer because good and positive reviews can improve your search visibility especially your local search visibility. Also, make a habit to respond to the reviews which will create trust amongst the clients. Make sure to get as many reviews as possible for which send an email to your customers with a link of your review page to leave feedback for you.   

5.      Gain High-quality Backlinks to your Website

Backlinks are links to your website from external websites and are still considered to be a very integral part and one of the important factors to improve SEO. Some of the activities like guest posting to reach a wider audience, answering the questions in forums like Quora and adding relevant website links, participating in local events or make influencers to talk about your product or service, appearing in a podcast can turn out to be very beneficial for your website. These simple activities can improve your visibility on search engines. 

6.      Structured Data Building

Structured Data Markup is a specific type of code which your website needs for search bots to understand your website’s content better. The search engines use structured data markup for extra information like the price range of your product and reviews to make you rank higher. 

7.      Stay Consistent Across Business Listing Directories

It is important to get listed in a high authority business directory to get visibility in search results and build greater credibility for the business. Make sure that the content you use to define your business is current and correct with relevant local keywords. Also, use high-quality images and be sure to indicate your business category. 

All you need to do is perform these steps effectively and the search engines will put you ahead of your competitors. You can adequately improve your visibility across search engines as it isn’t a rocket-science.  These techniques can be used by any type or size of business to boost the search rankings. 

You can also connect with a digital marketing agency for assistance in branding and SEO services for your brand to make it big on the ranking part of the SEO. 

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