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Arlington Dental Associates -

Arlington Dental Associates Top Dental Clinic of Arlington, USA

Case Study

Arlington Dental Association for SEO and Web Development

Arlington Dental Association is one of those projects which stands out from the rest. In working methods, business standards and niche; everything was unique and unexplored in this project and hence a new challenge at hand for our digital marketers.

They came with a virtue; To specifically list on Wikepedia, build a website for online presence and create awareness with SEO.

Before starting the project for digital marketing we had to explore and narrow down the goals further by answering questions like what needs to be done, how and for whom?

Goals for offering Digital Marketing Services?

  • Build website
  • Create Awareness Online
  • SEO

The goals were short and can be reached easily with good planning and execution of the same. We designed and built the website with satisfactory results and it was up and running in no time. Once that was done we started researching for keywords and working on the SEO part of the project.


"The business Arlington Dental Associating deals in is different from normal businesses. Our main purpose for going online was to make sure that our customers and prospects see us when they look for us on the internet. After only a couple months of successful branding activities Arlington was already half way where we expected it to be. Thanks to BItWise Team we’ve now started getting good quality leads from the internet. "

- Arlington Dental Associates

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