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ALOHA - Brain Development Program

ALOHA - Brain Development Program - Global Leaders in Mental Maths

Case Study

Aloha for SEO and SMO

Aloha learning is one of the best education and tutoring businesses in the industry. They had been hugely successful even before enrolling on Digital Marketing Services by BitWise branding.

They came with a virtue; To explore and utilize bigger business opportunities in the online world.

Before starting the project for digital marketing we had to explore and narrow down the goals further by answering questions like what needs to be done, how and for whom?

Goals for offering Digital Marketing Services?

  • Build Online Presence
  • Get visibility online
  • Attract Organic Audience
  • Growth in Leads

Once the goals were written down we were ready to work out the how and for whom.

To achieve the goals for Aloha learning, we started with building a dynamic website for their audience to read and know about Aloha. A parallel social media plan to create awareness about Aloha getting online and releasing website soon was planned and executed.

Once the website was completed, we started optimizing it for the keywords that can bring in business conversions for Aloha. One keyword at a time was utilized meaningfully across the website and complete technical SEO was taken care off looking at the website structure.

Building a structured data set for each page of Aloha was a challenging task. Once the website was completed and target keywords set, paid Google adwords campaign worked for Aloha to tell us more about long tail and other keywords that people are using to look out for them.

Along with Adwords, paid social media plan was continuously operational for driving traffic to the website or filling forms turning the audience into hot leads.

For PR and spreading more awareness about Aloha we registered them on number of online business directories and education portals. We also covered an article about them on popular online blogs and magazines to increase the coverage.

Finally, everything was set and done; we started seeing the results from activities we performed for them, one of their results is seen below.


"BitWise is a remarkable Digital Marketing Agency. Shweta and her team are top notch professionals and among the most hard working, creative and innovative people - They know their stuff, inside and out and after great results each time we have handed over our third project to them. They have been consistently delivered amazing results to us over the past 5 years. I highly recommend their SEO services."

- ALOHA - Brain Development Program

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